Spectroscopy: Index of Contents

1 Spectroscopy: An overview of spectroscopy. (34 slds)
2 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Applying Atomic Structure Knowledge. (13 slds)
3 Mass Spectroscopy: An introduction to mass spectroscopy. (18 slds)
4 Residual Gas Analyzer: An application of a mass spectrometer. (11 slds)
5 CD and DVD Technology: using laser light to reproduce music and movies. (24 slds)

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Student Handouts:
1 Emission Spectroscopy I: Applications of emission spectroscopy. (2 pgs)
2 Emission Spectroscopy II: How the different varieties of lights work. (3 pgs)
3 Energy of Emission: Examining Planck's equation through 2 sample problems. (3 pgs)
4 Plasma The Fourth State of Matter: Description and applications of plasma. (4 pgs)
5 Atomic Spectra: A handout describing the 3 types of atomic spectra. (2 pgs)
6 Wave Characteristics: The relationship between frequency and wavelength. (2 pgs)
7 Photosynthesis: A description of the photosynthesis process. (2 pgs)
8 Spectroscopes: A description of how a spectrometer works. (6 pgs)
9 Fluorescence and Phosphorescence.doc: The process of luminescence. (1 pg)

Student Activities:
1 Atomic Energy Levels: The energy change as electrons take a quantum leap. (1 pg)
2 Atomic Emission: Using technology examples to calculate energy emission values. (1 pg)
3 Introduction to Spectroscopy: Defining important spectroscopy terms. (2 pgs)
4 Determining the Identity of Unknown Spectra: Determining unknown spectra. (2 pgs)
5 Quantum Science: A worksheet introducing and using the photoelectric effect. (4 pgs)

6 Flame Test Lab: Observing the visible range of light emission. (2 pgs)
7 Stellar Spectrum Classification Lab: Using spectra to classify the elements in stars. (5 pgs)

8 Spectroscopy Flash Cards: Student self assessment tool for the spectroscopy section.

Student Activity Keys:
1 Atomic Energy Levels Key: Worksheet answer key.
2 Atomic Emission Key: Worksheet answer key
3 Introduction to Spectroscopy Key: Worksheet answer key.
4 Determining the Identity of Unknown Spectra Key: Worksheet answer key.
5 Quantum Science Key: Worksheet answer key.

6 Flame Test Lab Key: The answer key to the Flame Test Lab.
7 Stellar Spectrum Classifaction Lab Key: The answer key to the Steller Lab.

1 Emission Quiz: Calculating frequency, wavelength and energy of light. (3 questions)
2 Lighting Applications Quiz: Multiple choice quiz covering lighting applications. (8 questions)

Quiz Keys:
1 Emission Quiz Key: Quiz answer key.
2 Lighting Applications Quiz Key: Quiz answer key.