Quantum: Index of Contents

1 The Diagonal Rule: Rule introduction (with examples) using 2 quantum numbers. (14 slds)
2 The Magnetic Quantum Number: Electron configuration using spin quantum number. (16 slds)
3 The Spin Quantum Number: Shorthand notation for spin designation. (19 slds)
4 Pauli's Exclusion Principle: Electron configurations for atoms. (15 slds)
5 Uncertainly Principle: Its impact on orbit shapes and quanatum mechanics. (23 slds)
6 Quantum Qualities: Frequency, wavelength, momentum as quantum parameters. (56 slds)
7 Particle - Wave Duality: An indepth look at Enstein's famous equation. (29 slds)

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Student Handouts:
1 Matter and Waves I: Describing and examining the particle wave duality of matter. (2 pgs)
2 Matter and Waves II: Describing and examining the particle wave duality of matter. (4 pgs)
3 Matter and Waves III: Describing and examining the particle wave duality of matter. (2 pgs)
4 Electron Configuration and Orbital Notations: Describing and examining. (4 pgs)
5 Mechanical Model of the Atom: The quantum mechanical model of the atom. (4 pgs)
6 Nuclear Fusion: Describing the high technology applications of nuclear fusion. (2 pgs)
7 Quantum Physics: One segment in the creation of quantum mechanics. (4 pgs)
8 Gold Foil Experiment: An introduction to the Gold Foil Experiment. (1 pgs)

Student Activities:
1 Electron Configuration: Using and generating the electronic configuration of elements. (1 pg)
2 Orbital Notation: Calculating the orbital notation of elements. (1 pg)
3 Matter and Waves: Working with de BRoglie’s equations. (6 pgs)

4 Electron Configuration Bingo: Using electron configuration in a bingo game. (2 pgs)
5 Electron Configuration Bingo Template: The bingo game playing card. (1 pg)
6 Matter Wave Lab: A investigative lab examining DeBRoglie Waves. (4 pgs)
7 Electron Cloud Lab: Simulating the position of electrons around a central atom. (1 pg)

8 Quantum Flash Cards: Self assessment tool for the quantum piece of the pie.

Student Activity Keys:
1 Electron Configuration Key: Worksheet answer key.
2 Orbital Notation Key: Worksheet answer key.

3 Electron Configuration Bingo Key: Lab answer key.
4 Electron Cloud Lab Key: Lab answer key.
5 Matter Wave Lab Key: Lab answer key.

1 Electron Configuration Quiz: A short answer electron configuration quiz. (5 questions)
2 Orbital Notation Quiz: Writing the orbital notation of selected elements quiz. (5 questions)
3 Quantum Physics Quiz: A multiple choice quantum physics quiz. (10 questions)

Quiz Keys:
1 Electron Configuration Quiz Key: Quiz key.
2 Orbital Notation Quiz Key: Quiz key.
3 Quantum Physics Quiz Key: Quiz key.