Applied Math: Index of Contents

1 Algebraic Expressions: Applications in atomic science. (17 slds)
2 Simplifying expressions in algebraic expressions: Applications in atomic science. (17 slds)
3 Algebraic Expressions: Technical applications. (12 slds)
4 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions: Using technical applications. (39 slds)
5 Graphing, Plotting and Modeling Data: An introductory presentation. (25 slds)
6 Data Plots, Graphic Analysis and Modeling: Air bag deployment analysis. (17 slds)
7 The Construction and Use of Difference Tables : Applied to math and science. (26 slds)

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Student Handouts:
1 Log and Exponential Functions: Scientific and high technology applications. (7 pgs)
2 Exponential Notation and Powers of Ten: An introductory handout. (1 pg)
3 Transcendental Functions I: Applying exponential and log functions. (7 pgs)
4 Graphs and Equations: Elucidating the impact of different functions from their graphs. (4 pgs)
5 Transcendental Functions II: Graphing logarithmic functions using different bases. (6 pgs)
6 Scientific Notation: Using scientific notation with high technology. (2 pgs)
7 Solving Exponential Equations: The techniques used to solve exponential equations. (2 pgs)
8 Emission Spectroscopy I: Light emitting diodes and plasma properties. (2 pgs)
9 Emission Spectroscopy II: Lights and lighting applications. (3 pgs)
10 Energy of Emission: Solving for Planck’s equation. (2 pgs)
11 Wave Characteristics: Solving for wavelength and frequency. (2 pgs)

12 Graph Paper: A printable graph paper template. (1 pg)

Student Activities:
1 Application of Log and Exponential Functions: Used with high technology applications. (1 pg)
2 Average Atomic Mass Calculations: Computing the average atomic mass of isotopes. (1 pgs)
3 Average Atomic Mass: Applied average atomic mass calculations. (2 pgs)
4 Emission: Calculating the energy and frequency for different wavelengths of light. (1 pg)
5 Transcendental Functions I: Graphing transcendental functions. (2 pgs)
6 Transcendental Functions II: Using transcendental functions. (1 pg)
7 Identification of Straight Line Models: Selecting the straight line model. (1 pgs)
8 Graphs of Equations: Graphing given equations. (1 pg)
9 Graphing Nuclear Decay: Introducing nuclear exponential decay graphically. (2 pgs)
10 Half-Lives: Computation of medical and archeological half-lives. (1 pg)
11 Working with Equations and Units: Applied to the dual nature of light and matter. (1 pg)
12 Mass Defect and Binding Energy: Calculations for different elements. (2 pg)
13 Scientific Notation: Converting between scientific and standard decimal notation. (1 pg)

14 Determining Atomic Mass Lab: Determining the atomic mass of a given sample. (1 pg)
15 Radioactive Decay Lab: Determining the radioactive decay of a "safe" sample. (3 pgs)

Student Activity Keys:
1 Applications of Log and Exponential Functions Key: Worksheet answer key.
2 Average Atomic Mass Calculations Key: Worksheet answer key.
3 Average Atomic Mass Key:Worksheet answer key.
4 Emission Key:Worksheet answer key.
5 Transcendental Functions I Key:Worksheet answer key.
6 Transcendental Functions II Key: Worksheet answer key.
7 Identification of Straight Line Models Key: Worksheet answer key.
8 Graphing of Equations Key: Worksheet answer key.
9 Graphing Nuclear Decay Key: Worksheet answer key.
10 Half-Lives Key: Worksheet answer key.
11 Working with Equations and Units Key.doc: Worksheet answer key.
12 Mass Defect and Binding Energy Key: Worksheet answer key.
13 Scientific Notation Key: Worksheet answer key.

14 Determining Atomic Mass Lab Key: Lab answer key.
15 Radioactive Decay Lab Key: Lab answer key.

1 Log and Exponential Functions Quiz: Using logs and exponential functions. (6 questions)
2 Transcendental Functions I Quiz: Graphing transcendental functions quiz. (2 question )
3 Transcendental Functions II Quiz : A quiz graphing transcendental functions. (2 question)
4 Graphs of Equations Quiz: Using graphs to describe equation behaviors. (2 question)
5 Scientific Notation Quiz: Using scientific notation. (12 questions)
6 Solving Exponential Equations Quiz: Solving exponential equations. (2 questions)

Quiz Keys:
1 Log and Exponential Functions Key: Quiz answer key.
2 Transcendental Functions I Quiz Key: Quiz answer key.
3 Graphs of Equations Quiz Key: Quiz answer key.
4 Transcendental Functions II Quiz Key: Quiz answer key.
5 Scientific Notation Key: Quiz answer key.
6 Solving Exponential Equations Key: Quiz answer key.