As many of you know Boo tends to go missing in the summer. This
    however, is not an alarming or even uncommon event. A few
    summers ago, Boo took a trip through the south west with a
    colorful stop over in the New Orleans region of the country.

         Boo first appeared at USF's College of Engineering during the
    1988 Matt Jahoda Century Bike Tour sponsored by the student
    chapter of the AIChE.  Basically he just started to camp
    out with us and helped with subsequent MJC rides. Now days
    we take him so much for granted, he often just pulls one of
    these "I'm leaving home" routines.

         As with the case of his south western adventure, photo's would
    return to USF to provide a brief snapshot of his activities. Who
    takes the photos and sometimes where they are taken does not
    often accompany the photos. Nor is it clear, exactly, how he
    gets back home to us. In any case, photo  evidence of his
    latest adventures are starting to appear and it is provided here
    without additional comment.